Pedro Macizo

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Language and Number Lab

Pedro Macizo, Ph.D. Full Professor of Psychology at University of Granada. Pedro earned a BA in Psychology (best academic record award) from the University of Granada in 1998 and his PhD in Psychology (excellent cum laude with extraordinary mention) from the same University in 2003, where his research advisor was Teresa Bajo (happy to have the luck to learn from her). During his career, he has conducted research at the University of Arizona (Cyma K. Van Petten), Penn State University (Judith F. Kroll), among others. In 2005, Pedro returned to the University of Granada with a Ramón y Cajal contract where he has continued his teaching and research work to date.

Pedro loves animals (he has a family with three dogs, Kiko, Pipa and Tokio), plants (his home looks like a botanical garden), and all areas of neurocognitive research (special focus on language and numerical cognition). I forgot, I’m also crazy about minerals…

Suggested readings


Macizo, P. (2016). Phonological coactivation in the bilinguals’ two languages: Evidence from the color naming task. Bilingualism: Language & Cognition, 19, 361-375.


Macizo, P. (2017). Conflict resolution in two-digit number processing: Evidence of an inhibitory mechanism. Psychological Research, 81, 219-230.

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