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Numbers, Language and Inhibition

In this line of study, we evaluate how people grasp the idea of magnitude (quantity) when it is received by symbols (Arabic numerals, prices, etc.). We are particularly interested in how people understand magnitudes that are expressed by many symbols as numbers of two or more digits. Also, we are looking at the role of cognitive control when retrieving magnitudes in conflict situations. Finally, we are also analyzing the concept of magnitude from a broad scope that includes the perception of time, quantity, space, intensity or the degree of reactivity produced by a particular stimulus or situation, etc.

Some Readings

• Macizo, P. (2017). Conflict resolution in two-digit number processing: Evidence of an inhibitory mechanism. Psychological Research, 81, 219-230.

• Macizo, P., Herrera, A., & Kibboua, I. (2015). Fluency in two reading systems and the processing of two–digit numbers. International Journal of Bilingualism, 19, 665-676.  

Principal Investigators

Miguel Angel Ayala Cuesta

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Pedro Macizo

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Inhibitory control of memoryNumerical Cognition