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Highly Sensitive People & Neurocognition

If you are a sensitive person, you don’t have a problem. If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP), you don’t have a problem either, but rather you have a way of interacting with the world, with its strengths and weaknesses. However, the truth is that people with mental illness are ofter very sensitive. The study of HSP is thus extremely important. HSPs have been well characterized in the scientific literature: We are introspective, emotional, detail-oriented, and sensitive to environmental stimulation. In our research, we want to examine whether your sensitivity modulates your cognition. We specifically focus on three different neurocognitive domains (perception, language and mathematics) with behavioral and brain measures (temporal and spatial resolution techniques, e.g., EEG and fMRI, respectively).

To date (November 2023) we have failed to obtain funding for this project. However, we have the approval of the Ethics Committee for Human Research at the University of Granada for its development (ID nº: 3872/CEIH/2023) and we persist in its implementation both for our scientific curiosity and for our commitment to society.

Principal Investigators

Miguel Angel Ayala Cuesta

PhD students

Pedro Macizo

Faculty and researchers

Filip Andras

PhD students

Melodie Bellegarda

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