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In this line of research, we evaluate how people process monetary information. For example, how the price of two products is compared (3 euros vs. 8 euros), how people name the value of euro bills, etc. In addition, we examine how people decide to buy a product that is on sale (processing discounts based on percentages vs. presented with a reduction in the total value of the product). We are also investigating which dimensions of banknotes (size, color, figures printed on the bills) are important (or detrimental) when people know the monetary value they represent.

Some Readings

• Ojedo, F., & Macizo, P. (2023). The value of banknotes: Relevance of size, colour and design. Psychological Research, 87, 1944-1952.  

• Ojedo, F., & Macizo, P. (2020). How do we process prices? Electrophysiological evidence of componential analysis. British Journal of Psychology, 111(3), 473-491.  

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Pedro Macizo

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Fernando Ojedo

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Numerical Cognition